Bacari PDR Tests Limits with All-You-Can-Eat and Bottomless Booze Madness

Beefsteak Sundays give you as much steak and wine as you want, and then there’s brunch, too

Bacari PDR thinks your New Year’s resolutions are hilarious. The Playa Del Rey restaurant/wine bar has launched Beefsteak Sundays, a weekly 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. gorge-fest where $35 gets you all-you-can-eat grilled hanger steak, roasted potatoes, onion rings, and toasted baguettes (but don’t fill up on bread!). Sure, we suppose you could (somewhat) justify a meal like this after running laps on the nearby beach or chasing your kids around and preventing them from jumping into Del Rey Lagoon, but how are you going to explain the bottomless house wine (red, white, and bubbly), beer, and sangria that also come with your $35 meal.

Sister wine bar Bacaro L.A. will get in on the loosen-your-belt-and-inhibitions fun when it starts its own Beefsteak Sundays on January 25. But the overindulging there can start a day earlier because January 24 is when both Bacari PDR and Bacaro L.A. launch their new weekend brunch, where you can attempt to be virtuous and eat pancakes made with oatmeal, flaxseed, and yogurt batter–or just give in to the temptation of goat cheese polenta with lamb ragu, chipotle pepper sauce, and a fried egg. Of course, there are $15 bottomless booze options, including champagne and sangria, at both brunches.

The 60-minute drinking time limit at Bacari PDR during brunch and the 90-minute limit at Bacaro L.A. (which is also generously including Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers, and Greyhounds in the $15 deal) might be a bummer, but it’s totally understandable. Especially on Sundays when the restaurant has to get ready for all the heathens, craving medium-rare beef, showing up for their limitless dinner.

redarrow Bacari PDR, 6805 Vista Del Mar Lane., Playa Del Rey, 310-439-2100

redarrow Bacaro L.A., 2308 South Union Ave., Los Angeles, 213-748-7205