Aziz Ansari Has Something to Say About Orange Chicken

The comedian also goes deep on food-supply issues in his new Netflix special

Proving again that he’s our favorite food-obsessed comedian, Aziz Ansari uses his new Live at Madison Square Garden Netflix special to tell jokes about fresh-pressed juice, how knowing about the horrors of factory farming doesn’t outweigh his desire to eat meat, how vegetables are always in season somewhereand how useless non-egg-laying male chickens are killed in the most inhumane ways. Yes, Ansari manages to turn serious issues about our food supply into funny, crowd-pleasing riffs.

His opening salvo, though, is about the bravery of immigrants who leave everything to come to America. This isn’t a light subject, either, but Ansari makes it amusing with jokes about food.

“You can’t move to America, you don’t know anyone there, you don’t speak the language. What are you going to do for work?”

“I don’t know, man, we’ll figure it out. Worst case scenario, we’ll cook food and serve it to white people, OK?”

You can watch this first bit below. It’s called “Thanks Mom and Dad,” but you can also think of it as “How Orange Chicken Was Born.”