Don’t Pass Up the Square Slices at Apollonia’s Pizzeria

Only available Friday through Sunday, these slices please

Don’t let the humble exterior fool you: Justin De Leon’s six-year-old strip mall pizzeria, Apollonia’s, is no average slice shop. Inside there’s a vintage jukebox, a mural by famed L.A. artist Gronk, and foldable, thin-crust pizzas that have found a following among New York expats.


A few months ago, De Leon added a new of-menu option: thick-crusted square slices that fall somewhere between Sicilian-style “Grandma pie” and Detroit pan pizza. The extra baking effort means the saucy specials are offered only Friday through Sunday, but expect more days soon.

HOT DEAL: With its puffy crust and crown of crispy mozzarella, the pepperoni square slice ($7, below) is a sight to behold. De Leon completes the spectacle with a shake of Pecorino Romano, roasted garlic, and julienned basil.

TRY THIS: $2 more gets your slice dolloped with creamy burrata(!) and a drizzle of spicy honey.

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