5 Annoying Things About Dining Out in L.A.

Eating in Los Angeles restaurants is great. Most of the time

Despite all the glorious aspects of dining out in L.A. and the great new spots (for instance, the Best New Restaurants in L.A.), we have some grievances. Here are five.

Tiny Waiting Areas

Antico is a good restaurant. What’s not good is drinking wine while leaning against a small table near the host stand. And while we cherish Nightshade, having a server ask you to have your dessert in the “lounge” so they can have your table is a bummer when the “lounge” is really just a few lounge chairs in the front.

Fake Meat

We understand that Beyond and Impossible are everywhere, and who are we to stop the rise of smelly venture-capital-funded fake meat? But let’s dial back the tempeh chorizo and mushroom bacon. You know what’s better and a good vegetarian option? The mushrooms at Tacos 1986. They have the flavor and texture of mushrooms.

Banana as a Luxury Item

In the run-up to Thanksgiving, Clark Street Bread was hawking banana bread for a jaw-dropping $32 a loaf. All Day Baby recently opened with $13-an-order banana bread for breakfast. And while we absolutely love the caviar and banana pancakes at Angler, paying $4 for an extra flapjack after you’ve shelled out $88 for an ounce of fish eggs is a bit of a buzzkill.

Valet Parking by Apps

We get the appeal of the Curbstand valet app and why it seems to be everywhere. You don’t need cash to valet, and it’s convenient for restaurants. But not everyone wants to download an app just to park. And what if your phone runs out of juice? While Curbstand says you have the option to pay without downloading the app, we’ve been made to.

Frozen Desserts

We know many restaurants can’t afford pastry chefs in this challenging economic environment, and cold desserts are an easy alternative. But it would be nice to see more treats that involve baking—or at least warming—instead of all the ice creams and granitas out there. At this point we’d rather just have a plate of fresh fruit than fruit-flavored ice.

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