Andrew's Cheese Shop to Make Burrata


Andrew Steiner of Andrew’s Cheese Shop is stepping up his "Mozzarella Wednesdays" by trying his hand at burrata. The creamy mozzarella pouches were popularized by Mozza’s Nancy Silverton who—along with most everyone else in town—gets hers from the folks at Gioia Cheese Co. in South El Monte.

When Andrew’s Cheese Shop first opened last year, Steiner had chef Tommy Pollio (of the Polly-O cheese family) in the shop each Wednesday making fresh Mozzarella, but when Tommy had to move back east, Steiner took the reins and turned mozzarella making into a weekly ritual.

Burrata is a tricky beast, though, requiring the addition of more fat (usually cream) to make that luscious texture. Next week, Steiner and Rustic Canyon chef Evan Funke (Steiner is cheese consultant to the restaurant) will take their first crack at it together by adding mascarpone cheese to the mix. But be kind: Steiner says it might take them a week or two to get the recipe down. As long as he’s perfected it come tomato season, I’m fine.