Andrew's Cheese Shop Does Sandwiches


The new Andrew’s Cheese Shop may be losing its mozzarella maestro to New Jersey sometime soon, but it has gained something almost as exciting: sandwiches!

Fromager Andrew Steiner is now offering handful of gourmet sandwiches in addition to his selection of cheeses and gourmet goodies. Among them: the Italiana with mortadella, black forest ham, salami, and farmhouse cheddar on Hazelnut bread, a smoked turkey sandwich with São Jorge cheese from Portugal and a tarragon mustard aoli on a baguette, and a proscuitto sandwich with pear, shaved asparagus, and St. Agur blue cheese. Breads come courtesy of Le Pain du Jour on Pico in Santa Monica, and the top shelf cheeses are all from the shop—duh.

Since he started making them last Thursday, Andrew says they’ve been selling like, well, sandwiches. Really GOOD sandwiches.

Try em:

Andrew’s Cheese Shop
728 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 393-3308