Amuse Bouche: Govind Armstrong

We asked the celebrity chef: Why is he opening his latest restaurant, Post & Beam, in Baldwin Hills?

Illustration by Andy Friedman

Most people say, “Oh, yeah, Baldwin Hills—where is that exactly?” And they’ve lived here for 15 years! I was born in Inglewood and spent a few years here as a kid. It’s a really interesting area, and there’s been a fair amount of development recently, with the new Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza. The timing is right. But it was hard to see initially. When I first pulled up to the space, it was a Golden Bird fried chicken restaurant. So what will be cooking here now? I won’t say it’s soul food—I’ve never lived in the South—but it’ll be approachable, comforting food. There’s a wood-fired oven and a decent amount of land on which we’ll be growing seasonal stuff. But it’s still an untested market. I plan to listen and figure out what people really want. Go to