Amuse Bouche: Duff Goldman

Ace of Cakes wizard Duff Goldman has left Baltimore for L.A. We asked the star of the Food Network’s Sugar High, premiering this month, what would decorate L.A.’s cake?
Oh, man! I think the very top tier would be the hand of somebody from the Lakers doing a slam dunk—maybe Shannon Brown. You guys love your basketball. I’m a hockey guy. My goal is to become the Jack Nicholson of the L.A. Kings—be at every game, banging on the glass, getting kicked out. I want to be that dude. How’s the L.A. branch of Charm City Cakes coming along? We’re working on our recipes right now. What we do is really sensitive to the elements, and compared with Baltimore, we’re dealing with a relative lack of humidity. Also, the water here has a lot more minerals in it, so we need to figure out if we’re going to filter our water or get it trucked in. Trucked in? Yeah, when you hear about pizza parlors doing that, it’s not an affectation. The water can really affect your leavening agents and the flour proteins. Chewy is great for a bagel, not a cake. And we need to figure out how to deliver cakes with this traffic. I’m thinking about investing in the Charm City Cakes helicopter.

Photograph courtesy Jason Lee