Amuse Bouche: Casey Lane

We asked the Tasting Kitchen’s Casey Lane, who’s opening Parish on New Year’s Eve, What makes a true gastropub?

Illustration by Andy Friedman

It’s where high-end bar food and a great beverage program comingle. It’s not just a restaurant with a cool bar attached. I don’t think that L.A. has a real gastropub yet—something comparable to the Spotted Pig in New York or Wayfarer in San Francisco—though people use the term a lot. I guess it’s because they were sick of improperly using the word bistro. Now they improperly use the word gastropub.- How will yours be different? We’re going to serve great drinking food—pork head potpie, fried chicken, deviled eggs, burgers—and we really wanted to capture the feel of downtown’s history. My first L.A. apartment was on 8th and Spring, and a few weeks before we got the space for Parish, I moved to Beverly Hills. I wish I had just extended my lease!