All of the Horrifying Fried Foods at the LA County Fair that You’ll Absolutely Want to Eat

For better or for worse, this year’s fair takes culinary creativity to unparalleled heights

If you can put it on a stick and drop it into a bubbling vat of liquified lard, it’s likely the heroes at the LA County Fair have found a way to turn your favorite foods into a piping hot brick of fried dough topped with various accoutrements. We tried them all so you don’t have to, except you definitely have to. Stockpile your carbs for the week, and let’s go.

Bacon Fried S’mores — NEW


This dessert is layered sugar: melted marshmallows smothered in chocolate fudge, rolled in graham crackers bits, dipped in pancake batter, fried, and then topped with chocolate, bacon and powdered sugar.

Pickled Cheese on a Stick — NEW


This is what happens when you slide a mound of Pepper Jack cheese into a gutted pickle and fry it in corn dog batter—a tangy, savory snack well-suited for any vegetarian or pickle-lover.

Fried Hot Sauce – NEW


Hot sauce is used in lieu of water to create the batter for this spicy snack. It’s then dropped into a fryer until it reaches the consistency of a hush puppy and essentially becomes a hot wing, only without the wing. It’s hot, but not that hot.

Bacon-Wrapped Pork Belly – NEW


Ultra premium pork belly, trimmed, seasoned with a ground sage and rosemary rub, wrapped in two feet of honey-smoked bacon, then smoked for two hours. Succulent.

Chicken IN the Waffle – NEW


Infused with cinnamon and clove and made fresh daily, this number-one-selling item offers a unique take on a popular combo. The waffles are stand-alone good; You almost don’t need the chicken strips that protrude from both sides. Almost.

Bacon Nutella Pickle – NEW


Don’t judge a fried food by a weird picture of its cross-section. Stuffed with creamy Nutella and bacon bits, this pickle is sweet and piquant, even if it’s not so photogenic.

Deep Fried Bacon Guacamole – NEW


Flour, bread crumbs, and seasonings coat the bacon; bacon coats the guacamole. Sounds decadent, but tastes surprisingly light thanks to the fresh avocado, tomatoes, and lemon juice.

Big Daddy Corn Dog


The 14-inch, pecan-smoked sausage hails from a state known for big things: Texas. It’s deep-fried in a golden batter until slightly crisp to create a sweet outer shell with a savory inner filling.

Colossal Curly Fries


The French fries in this one and a half foot mound are fried together, separable only by a gentle tug. And while any 18-inch-high fry heap can be a personal fry heap if someone believes in themselves, these puppies are meant to be shared. Try them with the Big Daddy Corn Dog.

The Big Rib


Clocking in at the length of a forearm, this rib is two pounds of beef seated on a 17-inch bone, slow-smoked for four hours, and topped with a sauce of your choice: smoky, garlic zesty, or spicy barbecue. And if you can’t finish your rib (or even if you can), you can always take the scraps home to your dog in a handy doggy bag.

Drunken Pickle Poppers & Pickle Chips


Insert a blend of soft cream cheese and jalapeño pepper into a pickle, mix with agave nectar, bread it, and fry it to create this one-of-a-kind popper. Combine it with the crowd favorite—pickle chips.

Deep Fried Butter


It’s more appetizing than it sounds: half-inch pieces of frozen butter immersed in batter, deep fried, and coated with powdered sugar and maple syrup while still hot. The treat has the sweetness of a pancake, the lightness of a doughnut, and the calories of an entire day.

All photographs by Luc-Richard Elie