Alice in Wonderland Fans Are Going to Go Mad for This Pop-Up “Tea” Party

Sip colorful cocktails with the Mad Hatter in a secret Hollywood garden

Why is a pop-up like a writing desk? We haven’t the slightest idea, but you might want to bring it up at one curious (and curiouser) limited-run event landing in L.A. this May. Snag tickets now for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, coming to a secret location in Hollywood known as the Wonderland Garden.

Unlike your average themed pop-up bar, this promises to be a fully immersive, interactive experience. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by the Mad Hatter himself (well, OK, an actor obviously, but go with it), and escorted into the garden, where each guest will be assigned their character for the proceedings. Persona assumed, it’s time for an an hour and a half of magic, performances, high tea treats, and what the organizers call “psychedelic libations,” though we think it’s just booze they’re talking about.

Definitely an adults-only affair, despite the nostalgic source material, the ticket price ($60) includes a welcome drink to start, after which guests will get to craft three cocktails of their own, from a variety of whimsical, colorful ingredients. Dressing up as your favorite Alice in Wonderland character is certainly encouraged.

The pop-up launches on May 23 and runs through June 30. Tickets are on sale now. For those truly dedicated to the Wonderland thing, the pop-up can be rented out entirely for private events.

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