Adam Fleischman’s Physics Site Didn’t Materialize Out of Nowhere

The Umami Burger mastermind believes that science and business can go hand-in-hand

Umami Restaurant Group founder Adam Fleischman’s launch of has raised eyebrows in the food world. The quirky website, which has fonts that are much more medieval than modern, will aim to teach people about physics and how to use science to help run businesses–yes, including restaurants–better. It might, especially at this early stage, seem unclear where Fleischman is going with this, but this site has probably been spinning in his mind for a while.

In Lesley Bargar Suter’s 2012 Los Angeles magazine profile of Fleischman, the fast-casual pioneer mentioned his fascination with quantum physics and made it clear that he was looking beyond the food industry as he considered his next move.

“I’m not going to be in this forever,” he says. “We’ll never franchise, but we may sell to a private equity firm or go public. Who knows? Honestly, the company will be worth over a billion dollars if all five concepts are successful.” As for what he’ll do then: “I want to write a book on physics—theory of relativity stuff. It’s a hobby of mine.”

Fleischman is still deep in the restaurant business, working on new ventures like Tacoteca, reopening ChocoChicken, and figuring out whether he’s adding French food to his portfolio. But it’s now 2015, and, more than ever, creating a website makes at least as much sense as writing a book.