A Grand Crew


I wasn’t able to make it myself—er, bike was in the shop—but I ran into Hot Knives’ Evan George last night at Elf in Echo Park who said Saturday’s 2nd Annual Grand Crew Bike Ride was a grand success. A total of 65 people showed up to ride 22 miles in pursuit of beer, and finished it all off at with a fête at the Verdugo Bar. If you, too, couldn’t find your helmet, you can see all the haps in the Flicker set, here, or read the first-person account from cycle-savvy Pat Saperstein of Eating LA. Kudos Pat! And check the Hot Knives site tomorrow for a full video recap.

Afterparty goodies like Pure Luck vegan fish tacos and a trio of Hot Knives’s Hot Nuts were a one-time-only thing. But the Verdugo Bar is still pouring these locally brewed seasonal suds. (Tasting notes courtesy of Evan George):

Telegraph Winter Warmer – bright and tangy, their version of a Mexican hot chocolate
Coronado Winter Warmer – mellow, the most stout and black and hearty
Craftsman Holiday Ale – "like drinking a christmas tree" because of the strong pine needle flavor

Happy Holidays!