A Good Day for Meat


Randy Clemens, we love you and your veggiefueled ways, but this has been a banner day for the rest of us carnivores.

Exhibit A:

Juicy Lucy is open! After last night’s grand opening fete, Paul Shoemaker’s nitrogen-pumped, molten cheese-filled hamburgers are now being served at the former Savory chef’s stand in downtown’s fancy food court, TASTE at FIGand7th. Named for the heart attack-inducing Minneapolis classic, Shoemaker’s burger uses a mix of Brie, American, and Swiss cheeses, which get a wine bath to create a silky fondue. The dairy blend is then infused with nitrogen, sealed inside a grass-fed beef patty (though he makes a turkey version, too), and cooked in a vapor oven. Dressed with the basics—lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion—the result is a dangerous cheese bomb ready to explode on first bite. Sea-salt fries can be topped with sriracha sauce and rotating, chef-inspired shakes come made with Valrhona chocolate, organic fruits, and the like.

Numero 2:

Eater LA is reporting that Mozza’s Scuola di Pizza— currently home to chef Chad Colby’s weekly Salumi Bar nights—will become chi SPACCA on February 4. The name means “cleaver” in Italian, and we suspect Colby’s talent for butchery will be at the center of the new restaurant. Details at this point are few, but the last time we spoke with Nancy Silverton, she hinted at plans to make the salumi program its own permanent thing. This, we hope, is it.