A Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Locavore Dad

How to shop for the food-loving father while keeping it local

Hedley and Bennett Apron
Give your dad’s old apron a stylish upgrade with one of Ellen Bennett’s handmade-in-L.A. canvas cover-ups. Choose from designs like “Hickory” (a raw denim striped fabric inspired by old-fashioned railroad uniforms) and “Fish Stick” (bright yellow canvas, reminiscent of the TV-dinner delicacy). $75-$98

Hak’s BBQ Sauce
MasterChef alum and WeHo native Sharone Hakman has bottled up three sensational barbecue sauces just in time for your Father’s Day backyard bash. Flavors include chipotle-bourbon, habanero-pineapple, and Thai chile-tamarind. Judges from MasterChef declared the creations Hakman’s “secret weapon”—why not give Dad a taste of all three? $8 for one; $18 for three

Eatz Cooking Classes
Eatz offers small cooking classes in a dinner party environment. With dad-friendly options like “Bring On The Bacon,” “Your Home Steakhouse,” and “Whiskey A Go Go,” this is sure to be a hit with Papi. Gift certificates are available on their website.



Eagle Rock Brewery Growler
In the late 1800s, fresh beer was carried from the local bar to your home by means of a metal pail. As the beer sloshed around, the bubbles were said to growl, hence the term “growler.” Take your dad back in time with his very own refillable vessel from Eagle Rock Brewery, where he can pick up some Manifesto white ale, fermented with rose petals and coriander, or Solidarity black ale, accented with coffee, dark chocolate, and a hint of smoke. $8 for one liter; $15 for two liter

Sausages from Huntington Meats
It’s no coincidence Father’s Day falls right around the start of grilling season. Give Dad a variety of L.A.’s best sausages from Huntington Meats at the Farmers Market—our pick for Best Sausage Purveyor in 2012. Choose from house-made weisswurst and brats, and a rotating selection of more than 20 pork, lamb, and chicken links free of all nitrates and preservatives.

Olive Hill Farm Olive Oil
Good olive oil is a must-have. Treat dad to this local variety from former Intel-engineer Gus Sousoures’s Santa Ynez olive grove. The oil comes from the Lucca tree, a cultivar adapted by UC Davis from the Italian Frantoio. Sousoures has recently expanded his distribution and is now selling his goods online as well as at the Santa Monica farmer’s market. $22

A&Z Nut Wagon’s Beef Jerky
Pick up some of L.A.’s best beef jerky at A&Z Nut Wagon, a small red-stucco store in Boyle Heights renowned for its smoked goodies. Owner Guillermo Gonzalez offers just one variety (“I have no time for nothing else”), which takes up to eight hours to make in his Rosemead smokehouse. We promise, that’s the only kind dad will want.

Locally Roasted Coffee Delivery
Pops love coffee? How about fresh coffee delivered right to his front door? Give dad the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription to locally roasted beans from Tonx. Live in Long Beach but want the same deal? Rose Park Roasters offers weekly doorstep deliveries of fresh-roasted beans. If you live close by, they’ll even bring the goods by bike! Prices vary.

Doe Frozen Pizza Dough
At Doe, owner Noah Wolf has implemented a the-tiered, pay-what-you-can system in hopes of making fresh, organic, honest and healthy bread more universally accessible. Doe also specializes in frozen pizza dough, available for delivery through Good Eggs! Help spread the Doe-love and throw a pizza party with dad, his choice of toppings, of course. $4

Grist & Toll Flours
If he’s a bread-baker himself, treat Dad to some of Grist & Toll’s whole-grain and local flours. Because the flours are small-batch and freshly milled, the options change seasonally. Is your dad a beginner? Grist & Toll offers tips and recipes for each of the flour varieties. Current offerings include Hard Red Winter, Sonora Soft White, and Red Fife. $8.50-$22

Brassica & Brine’s Sauerkraut
Father’s Day gift ideas have you in a pickle? Look no further, Brassica & Brine specializes in organic, wild-fermented foods that Dad will love—especially atop his Father’s Day hot dog. Choose from the Classic Sauerkraut, the Four Thieves Kraut (made with lavender, sage, rosemary and thyme), and Kimchi Karma (a California variation on traditional Korean kimchi). If you’re having trouble picking just one, go for the three-pack sampler! $8-$10; $25 for three

Taming The Feast Cookbook
Local chef Ben Ford’s “Field Guide to Adventurous Cooking” is ideal for the doer-dad. With a complete guide to outdoor grilling, smoking, and roasting, your father will soon be prepping whole pig roasts, wood-fired paellas, and Southland barrel clambakes. Just hope you score an invite to whatever feast he tackles first. $26

 Edelweiss Fudge
At our pick for Best Fudge, Edelweiss Chocolates, the “factory” (three candy-scented rooms with stainless steel and enamel surfaces) is behind the shop, meaning everything is made fresh and by hand. At this chocolate-lover’s paradise, pick up fudge for dad—the small selection (chocolate or chocolate-walnut) makes choosing easy—and be sure that he saves you a bite.

Gustus Vitae Condiments
Locally made Gustus Vitae Condiments offers an array of gourmet seasonings, including some salt-free options for dad’s ol’ ticker. For his barbecue addiction, give the classic garlic pepper rub or Taste of California, made up of dried strawberries for sweetness, cilantro, thyme and tarragon for depth, and lemon peel and sea salt for tang. $8