A Byte-Sized Buffet of L.A.-Born Bites


New York may have Cronuts on lock, but we’ve got churro bragging rights. When we shared the news that the pop-up operation the Churro Borough had married its hot pastry with cool ice cream, foodies couldn’t shut their pieholes. Fired up by the enthusiasm for this West Coast creation, we figure it’s worth spotlighting two other culinary masterpieces born in L.A. The real lesson: Eating local is delicious.

Kogi Korean BBQ Taco
Chef Roy Choi changed the city’s street food scene with this Korean twist on a Mexican classic—corn tortillas, caramelized short rib, salsa roja, cilantro-onion lime relish, and a cabbage romaine slaw with chili-soy vinaigrette.

Chili Burger
In the 1920s, Thomas “Ptomaine Tommy” DeForest took burgers to new heights by topping them with chili con carne. Customers enjoyed the meaty creations, which (at the time) cost a mere 15 cents.