800 Degrees Pizza Just Got Convenient

A new take-out window means 60-second pizza could now actually take 60 seconds to get.

Stoners Bruins will soon be able to satisfy their Neapolitan pizza munchies without having to behave in a public dining room. 800 Degrees, the build-your-own pizza enterprise of Umami’s Adam Fleischman, is finally opening a take-out shop.

Due to open this spring, the to-go space, which will be located next door to the Westwood restaurant, with a separate entrance and no seating, which will hopefully alleviate the lengthy lines we’ve all gotten used to. The restaurant also scored a coveted off-site alcohol sales license, which means you can grab some wine and beer to wash down those cheesy pies at home. The shop will also sell 800 Degree-branded goodies, such as fancy olive oil and Calabrian chiles.

We’re curious to see if the fresh-out-of-the-brick-oven pizzas can retain their fragile crispy-to-chewy ratio after sitting in our car for 20 minutes. But the thought of nibbling a tartufo pizza on our couch during a House of Cards marathon is too tempting not to risk a soggy slice. Buon appetito!

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, 10889 Lindbrook Dr., Westwood, 800DegreesPizza.com