8 New Restaurants You Need to Try at The Food Event 2016


It’s Sunday, October 16. The sun washes over your face as you try and decide whether the bouquet on the Sonoma pinot you’re sipping is more truffle or sandalwood. The smell of grilling meats in the Malibu breeze passes by when you finally decide, yeah, that’s definitely sandalwood. Later you will hold out the back of your hand and let Saddlerock Ranch’s resident giraffe, Stanley, sniff it, because that’s what you do with dogs, and giraffes are pretty much just giant dogs.

It’s the greatest time of year. It’s the Los Angeles magazine Food Event.

Stan the (giraffe) man

Photograph by Jeff Drongowski

For $125 you can get an unlimited tastings from more than 20 different wineries and cocktails from liquor purveyors like Glenfiddich Scotch, Don Julio tequila, and Ketel One vodka. You can also eat your way around the premises enjoying small bites prepared by more than 30 different chefs from some of L.A.’s best restaurants. If all that wandering gets too taxing (hard life, right?) you can take a seat at the center stage to watch demonstrations from chefs like Marcel Vigneron and Evan Funke.

When your energy has been restored, go sample a bunch of food from all the new restaurants that you’ve been too busy to try since they opened up. For one beautiful day, they’ll all be in one place. Because we hook it up like that. Here are ten pretty new spots that you need to make sure to check out.

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Chef Nick Erven, formerly of Saint Martha and Fundamental, is making game-changing vegan food at his eponymous Santa Monica restaurant that opened in July. Like, vegan food so good you’ll have no idea it’s vegan. Check out his fried Sumatran pickled dates with maple, onion, curry, and pine nuts.


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Felix is so new that it hasn’t EVEN OPENED YET! But it is one of the most buzzed about openings in the city, and the reason is chef Evan Funke. The pasta and porchetta (and everything else) master who used to helm the kitchen at Bucato will be making some insalata di pulpo as a preview to his new Venice Beach spot.

AR Cucina

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Chef Akasha Richmond is a Los Angeles dining staple, and her new Italian neighborhood concept just debuted a few weeks ago in Culver City. Make sure to check out her almond pesto trapanese and pizza bread, which tastes like the best version of Digiorno you’ve ever had.


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If you haven’t yet had the famed burger at Everson Royce Bar in its first year open (I get it, the Arts District is deceptively hard to get to if you’re on the Westside), now is your chance. It is truly one of the best in the city, and you’re about to see why.


Citizen is a relative newcomer to Beverly Hills and they’ve brought with them an acclaimed Bay Area chef (originally from North Carolina) to put together their Southern-inspired, produce-centric menu. Cool down with some of their hamachi sashimi with smoked olives, saffron mayo, and sorrel.


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You might have seen Miro’s flashy gold lettering on the building’s facade Downtown, but you may not have been inside. Which is a shame. But it’s cool because you can make up for it at the Food Event by eating some of Chef Gavin Mills’ house-made charcuterie.

The Cannibal

This meaty NYC transplant restaurant won our first inaugural Burgers Bourbon and Beer Battle for Burger Supremacy earlier this year, so they have a lot to live up to. We’re confident that they will. Get a taste of chef Francis Derby’s lighter side with some Thai sausage with cucumber mint salad and sesame leaf (ok, not that light).


Silver Lake’s new supercool cocktail and food and wine hangout spot opened back in May and it’s been crowded ever since. Especially during happy hour. See what all the fuss is about with their fried chicken oyster sliders.

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