5 Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats You Can Still Get in Time

Procrastination doesn’t have to equal food-gift mediocrity

Participating in the Valentine’s Day industrial complex can be stressful—so stressful that some of us just wait until the very last minute (in self-destructive protest/fear of failing miserably). It’s okay, though, because there’s still time to get your girl, guy, or dog (no judgment) an awwwww-worthy V-day treat before Sunday. Yes! Valentine’s Day is only two days away, so you better get moving.

Chocolates from Valerie Confections
A box of chocolates might be cliche, but some things are cliche for a reason: everybody loves them. Valerie Confections is a standard-bearer in L.A. for beautiful, delicious candies, and they’re available at all price points. The Valentine’s Box is filled with precious little heart-shaped chocolates and comes in three sizes, ranging from $20-$80. And if you want to mix it up, there’s always those Matcha and Rose Petal Petits Fours because few things say love like green tea.

Valerie Confections is not taking Valentines orders online anymore, but you can call in (213-739-8149) for a rush delivery, or visit one of their locations.

Pints of Salt & Straw Ice Cream
What’s more romantic than sitting on the couch, watching trash TV, and sharing a pint of ice cream? Nothing! Show up Sunday with some pints of Salt & Straw ice cream, which are easily attainable since they sell them in the shop, locate the remote, and let the romance flow. If you want to go big, get your significant other a membership to the Pints Club, which gets you 5 pints a month. Sounds like a lot, but indulging in a ton of ice cream just means there will more of the both of you to love.

Salt & Straw has two L.A. locations now: 1357 Abbot Kinney Blvd.; 240 N. Larchmont Blvd. 

Really Unique Candies from Sugarfina
Sugarfina is candy wonderland. It’s cute, classy, and whimsical all at the same time, and they dish out so many samples even if you’re just browsing. The best part is that they have so many oddball, yet very pretty confections, like pink-shelled candied Greek strawberries dipped in chocolate or little hard candy roses that taste like rosewater. Plus, they have those luscious champagne gummy bears than only a jerk wouldn’t love (this is a good opportunity to weed such persons out!). Valentine’s Day boxes that include sugar lip jellies are also available.

Sugarfina has many locations, from Beverly Hills to Pasadena. Overnight shipping is also available. Check out the website for more details.

The Coolest Box of Chocolates Ever from Compartes
Compartes makes super-cool chocolates, and lucky for you, they have two stores in L.A. Their Valentine’s Truffles boxes are pure eye candy (though admittedly pricey at around $100) , and the chocolates inside are so chic and colorful. They also have some lovey-dovey, heart-studded dipped Oreos, chocolate-covered strawberries, and even some animal cookie bars for all you playful types. The bars are a great choice if you don’t want to break the bank—they go for between $10-$13, but they’re so impressive.

Compartes has two locations: 912 S Barrington Ave., 8428 Melrose Place. Overnight shipping is available, but you have to call in (310-826-3380) to request this method.  

Puppy Petit Fours from The Dog Bakery
If you’re not particularly attached to a human at the moment, no worries. If you have a dog, you can still participate in the love fest. The Dog Bakery is stocking Puppy Petit Fours, which are heart shaped and decorated with a little pink paw prints as well as some really ornate frosted peanut butter Valentine’s cookies. I called in to ask about availability and was told that while they’re replenishing their stock daily, they’re selling out pretty fast, so don’t dilly dally. Fluffy is worth it!

The Dog Bakery has a few locations around town, including a shop at The Original Farmer’s Market. Check the website for one closest to you.