5 Epic New Burgers You Have To Try Right Now

Because one patty is never enough

The whole idea of a ‘new’ burger is sort of unnecessary, TBH. We need to reimagine the classic meat patty stack about as much as we ever need to utter the phrase “meat patty stack.” But we’re going to keep doing both, over and over again. Besides, change is good, especially when melted cheese is involved. With that, here are five new over-the-top meat patty stacks—fine, HAMBURGERS—for the month of February.

The Blasbeet (AKA the Russian Bear) at Grill ‘Em All

Just the name of this one has us wanting to don a fur hat, drink vodka, hack some shit, and eat a burger. The Great Food Truck Race winners over at Grill ‘Em All are topping a half-pound patty with wild mushroom gravy, a cleaved kielbasa, and some Ukranian beet salad.

The Foie Gras Burger at Plan Check

This indulgent beast is part of Plan Check’s anti-Valentine’s Day menu, though in actuality it’s pretty much every Valentine’s Day Menu ever thrown in a bun. It’s got fancy truffle cheese and actual foie gras along with caramelized shallot (the onion’s snobby cousin) and a roasted garlic aioli. We’ll say that again—ayyyyoooohhhleeeee. See? Romantic AF

The Maxter at Oinkster

OK, this one is really more of a chicken sandwich, but the gang at Oinkster is calling this its burger of the month. Inspired by the joint’s sister Italian restaurant Maximiliano, it’s a chicken breast topped with alfredo sauce, parmesan, and sun dried tomato paste on—this is the clincher—garlic bread buns.

The Chicken Parm and Italian Sausage Burger at Slater’s 50/50

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We’re sensing a theme here. The special February burger from Pasadena’s Slater’s 50/50 is also a chicken parm riff—a sort of frighteningly over-the-top sounding chicken parm riff. There’s a breaded chicken breast and an entire Italian sausage patty, all topped with marinara, mozzarella, provolone, crispy pancetta, and basil on ciabatta.

The Burg at LocoL

Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson’s community-minded fast food joint has reinvented their classic LocoL burger yet again, this time making it a touch bigger and trading the more Asian-y elements like scallion relish for a more familiar SoCal thing.

Lesley Bargar Suter is the Food Editor at Los Angeles magazine. You can follow her on Twitter @LesleyBS and Instagram. She wrote: The New York Times Review of LocoL Isn’t Wrong, It’s Just Deeply Misguided