20 New York Dessert Spots We Need in L.A. Right Now

Momofuku is coming. Who should be next?

1. Dominique Ansel Bakery (COMING LATE 2017)

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Why we need it: The Cronut of the Month (Dominique invented the cronut.)


2. Big Gay Ice Cream 

Why we need it: They offer a product called The Salty Pimp


3. Levain

Why we need it: Two-Inch Deep Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies


4. Dough

Why we need it: The Hibiscus Donut


5. Schmackary’s

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Why we need it: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookies (WHAT??)


6. The City Bakery

Why we need it: Hot Chocolate & Housemade Oversized Marshmallows


7. Ample Hills Creamery

Why we need it: Two words: COOKIE. CONES.


8. The Doughnut Project

Why we need it: The Everything Donut (bye bye bagels)


9. Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie

Why we need it: Frozen Chocolate-Covered Key Lime Pies


10. Momofuku Milk Bar (COMING SOON TO LA)


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Why we need it: Because cereal and milk taste better as dessert.


11. Black Tap

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Why we need this: Topping-less milkshakes are so passé.


12. ChikaLicious

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Why we need this: Churro cones and matcha chocolate lava cake…shall I continue?


13. Max Brenner (Chocolate Pizza)

Why we need this: Chocolate and pizza belong together, don’t question it.


14. Parm’s Ice Cream Cake

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Why we need this: Because something this aesthetically-pleasing belongs in L.A.


15. Ring Ding Bar

Why we need it: The queen of all Ding Dongs is calling our name.


16. Ube Ice Cream at Soft Swerve 

Why we need it: Why we need it: The Ube is so in right now.



Why we need this: Cookie dough by the spoon = happiness.


18. Spot Dessert Bar

Why we need this: Do you not see this picture?


19. William Greenberg Desserts

Why we need it: Whole Foods’ version of these cookies will only suffice for so long (plus many more fun treats).


20. Ice & Vice

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Why we need it: It’s a literal feat of engineering. 

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