The 14 Most Delicious Mac and Cheese Dishes in L.A. Right Now

Though the best version of M&C is almost always made inside a house, these are all hauntingly delicious in their own right

Mac & Cheese gets a bad rap. Too many basic ingredients (cough, Panko), and it doesn’t stand out among the 89,765 other versions in L.A. And yet too many truffley lobstery things in it, and True Foodies clutch their pearls in horror. Get juuuuust enough trend mixed with the creamy butteriness required for maximum pleasure, and you have yourself a winner. Or in this case, 14 winners.

1. Truffle Jalapeño Mac & Cheese from The Village

Studio City


2. Mac n’ Cheese with Extra Sharp Cheddar from The Kitchen 



3. Lobster Mac from Pacific Dining Car

Downtown and Santa Monica


4. Mac n’ Cheese from Baby Blues

Venice and West Hollywood


5. Lobster Mac & Cheese from The Federal Bar

North Hollywood


6. Gratin de Macaronis et Fromage from Church & State


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7. Four Cheese Mac and Cheese from La Boheme

West Hollywood

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8. Black Truffle Mac & Cheese from Bourbon Steak


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9. Mac & Cheese from Arthur J

Manhattan Beach 


10. Gorgonzola Mac & Cheese from Mastro’s 

Beverly Hills

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11. Shells & Cheese from Jon and Vinny’s

West Hollywood 


12. Mac and Cheese from Joans on Third

Beverly Grove


13. Lobster Mac & Cheese from Rustic Kitchen

Mar Vista


14. Dungeness Crab Mac n Cheese from Playa Provisions

Playa Del Rey