The 14 Best Places to BYOB in L.A.

Our current political climate demands bringing our own booze basically everywhere we go

BYOB doesn’t mean you’re a cheap monster. You just want to feel European, sipping endless notes of gooseberry and forest floor and barnyard and pencil shaving (note: all real tasting words) from the bottle you carefully selected at Trader Joe’s. Or perhaps you have a ’61 Château Latour lying around and just need a quick bread basket to go with it. For all the nights you’re not sipping $15 cucumber gimlets to block out the impending doom of the civilized world (RIP: democracy), pick up a bottle (or three) and tuck in to one of these BYOB spots.

1. Bottega Louie


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Free corkage on first bottle

2. Water Grill

Santa Monica & Downtown

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Free corkage on first bottle

3. Fritto Misto

Santa Monica

$2.50 Corkage per person

4. Courtyard Kitchen

Santa Monica

No Corkage Fee

5. Pitfire Pizza


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No Corkage Fee

6. Providence


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No corkage on Mondays

7. Hillstone

Santa Monica

No Corkage Fee

8. Duke’s Malibu


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Wednesday No Corkage Fee, free corkage nightly on local Malibu wines

9. Open Sesame


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$15 Corkage Fee

10. Drago Centro


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No Corkage on Sundays or 20% off any bottle from wine list

11. Red O

West Hollywood

 No Corkage on Mondays

12. Il Forno 

Santa Monica

No Corkage Monday – Wednesday

13. Maré


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$10 Corkage Fee

14. The Hart & The Hunter

West Hollywood

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No Corkage on Tuesday