The Essential Pastries To Try in Los Angeles

They are flaky. They are crumbly. They are essential

1. Pavlova from Lincoln


A crisp meringue serves as the base for a smear of lemon curd with peak-season fruit at Christine Moore’s bakery-café (and it’s gluten free).

2. Canelé from République

La Brea

The leathery exterior is a delicious foil for the light center of this delicacy that hails from Bordeaux.

3. Kouign Amann from Twenty40

Los Feliz

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Keep a pile of napkins handy for when you pull apart layer upon layer of Karen Yoo’s sumptuous laminated pastry dough with a glazed caramelized exterior. Even the stickiest fingers will be entirely worth it.

4. Salted Caramel Babka Roll from The Sycamore Kitchen

La Brea

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Karen Hatfield updates the Jewish brioche-like classic by topping it with salted caramel and pecans. It’s part sticky bun, part babka, and all delicious.

5. Bread Pudding from The Rose Cafe


The croissant-based pudding achieves dessert nirvana. It’s chock full of custard, the exterior gently browned and the bittersweet chocolate applied with restraint.

6. Apple Tart Fine from Pitchoun


A barely-there layer of crust supporting a rosette of thinly sliced apples strikes a balance between refined and rustic.

7. Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcake from Joan’s on Third

Multiple Locations

Even as the cupcake craze has crested, the field in L.A. remains crowded. This specimen is a standout, though, with a luscious marshmallow center.

8. Croissant from Ledlow


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 Exploding shards of translucent crumbs may be the stuff of OCD nightmares, but they’re the reason this croissant shines.

9. Zucchini Muffin from Huckleberry

Santa Monica

Zucchini is the star of the show instead of being sidelined beneath mounds of sugar and flour. Here is a muffin that elicits joy.

10. Fruit Tart from Proof Bakery

Atwater Village

Na Young Ma customizes her pastry cream to the season’s best fruit (pluots, figs, blackberries). Her passion fruit-laced filling makes produce sing.

11. Matcha White Chocolate Scone from Sugarbird Sweets

Multiple Locations

White chocolate can be misused, but in Kei Okumura’s not-too-sweet (and vibrant green) matcha scones, it has found its rightful place.

12. Chocolate Eclair from Chaumont

Beverly Hills

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Elegant oblong vessels of choux pastry are piped with rich, dense chocolate cream. You won’t miss Paris.