13 French Fries in L.A. You Need to Eat Before You Die

From fancy French bistros to a drunk food shanty owned by a former Entourage cast member

Some might dismiss National French Fry Day as a quote-unquote “made-up holiday.” But let’s be real—all holidays, at least to some extent, are made up. Father’s Day didn’t exist until the mid-20th century, Valentine’s Day is a corporate scam to boost jewelry sales, and the pilgrims and Native Americans ate eels and pigeons at the real Thanksgiving.

So if we’re going to pick and choose how and when to celebrate, we might as well directly tailor our holidays to what we actually want to do, right? Right. National French Fry Day is the holiday that we openly condemn but secretly want to celebrate more than anything. Just let it go. Be free. Treat yourself to the starchy, crispy, fatty indulgence of these 13 fries.

Belgian Double-Dipped Fries at Wurstküche

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They’re the anti-shoestring—thick, blocky, soaked through with just the right amount of oil. You can add truffle oil for an additional $2, but then it would taste like truffle oil. Don’t do it.

French Fry Trio at Bourbon Steak

The only thing better than duck fat fries is a three-set of duck fat fries. Chef Michael Mina starts every diner with ranch fries with fancy sauce, bacon fries with BBQ sauce, and Old Bay fries with tartar sauce.

Debris Fries at Preux & Proper

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This Cajun answer to poutine has turkey neck gravy, burrata, rib rub, and collard greens. Do the fries get soggy underneath all that gravy? Sure. Is it a small price to pay? The smallest.

Fries with Mornay at Petit Trois

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These are undoubtedly the classiest cheese fries you’ll ever eat. The fries are thin cut and a dead ringer for McDonald’s, and the mornay is like a fragrant and perfume-y nacho cheese. Which are words you never thought would be used to describe nacho cheese.

Crinkle Cut Fries at Langer’s Deli

They’re not fried in duck fat, they’re not smothered in gravy, and no one would describe them as “chef-y.” But they’re crispy, they have ridges around the edge, and they’re totally OG.

Sweet Potato Waffle Fries at Plan Check

You don’t have to understand how they carve a waffle out of a potato (just googled it—it’s pretty cool) to enjoy these. They’re fried in rendered beef fat, which means they’re super savory and also buck the pervasive idea that sweet potatoes are a healthier alternative.

Aioli Fries at Church & State

These are the quintessential, Russet-potato, delightfully salty fries. Crispy on the outside and unctuous to a T (thanks to animal fat and aioli).

Bacon Cheeseburger Fries at Fat Sal’s


Iceberg, tomatoes, Thousand Island, bacon, cheese, ground beef, and pickles combine with fried potatoes to form a sort of depraved french fry salad. And it’s pretty much the healthiest thing on Fat Sal’s menu. Because vegetables! Also, Jerry Ferrara, aka Turtle from Entourage, is part owner of the restaurant, which makes these very L.A.

Curly Fries at Top Round

The artisanal curly fries from the artisanal version of Arby’s are super artisanal. And delicious. They’re well-seasoned and mindbendingly curly, making every straight fry out there seem boring by comparison.

Beef Tallow Fries at Belcampo Meat Co.

If there is any restaurant you should trust with loading up a deep fryer with beef fat (other than Plan Check, obvs), it’s Belcampo. Thin-cut fries that are intensely crispy and perfect for dousing with Sir Kensington’s ketchup, aka the best bottled ketchup of all time.

Kimchi Carnitas Fries at Kogi Taqueria

This giant multicolored flavor brick might be Roy Choi’s single greatest culinary achievement, which is saying a lot. Battered fries get topped with tender braised carnitas, kimchi, cheddar and jack cheeses, salsa verde, salsa roja, and crema, and it absolutely puts poutine to shame.

Bistro Fries at République

It’s all about the technique. Chef Walter Manzke dehydrates the potatoes in the oven to reduce any excess steam in the fryer then blasts them to a shattering crunch. They’re flecked with herbs and served with a house-made aioli to make you feel extra fancy.

Animal Style Fries at In-N-Out

In-N-Out does not make good French fries. Topping them with grilled onions, American cheese, and Thousand Island does not improve them. But you owe it to your city—to your heritage—to eat them at least once before you die.