10 Things I Learned from My Texan In-Laws Who Visited This Weekend


1. Tri-tip does not exist in Texas. 

2. Not everyone knows that cherries don’t come in jars.

3. Lamb burgers are seriously the perfect quick, go-to, bang-for-buck crowd pleaser.

4. My mother-in-law can’t take a shot of tequila—but she’ll try.

5. L.A.’s peak-season peaches are good enough to risk cross-state customs violations (not to mention in-suitcase bruising) while smuggling a half-dozen to Dallas.

6. Don’t argue with your Texas-born father-in-law when he says the meat is done.

7. Even non-beer drinkers dig Eagle Rock Brewery’s Ginger Saison.

8. Sometimes, when someone says, “I don’t like beets,” they actually mean it.

9. Seniors hate small plates—as do many less-seniors.

10. When you put ice cubes in your Pinot Grigio, they’re called “diamonds.”