The 10 Nachos All Angelenos Should Try At Least Once

We are all helpless when it comes to obscene amounts of melted cheese

There will come a time when, eventually, we all move on to whatever afterlife we believe in. And whether we find ourselves bounding about in a meadow as a white-assed deer, or outfitted in robes addressing a man by the pearly gates, I believe we all have one deep and unifying want:

To be asked what hideously calorific food we would like to be able to eat for all of eternity while still fitting into our skinny jeans, no problem. 

To be asked this question is our collective want as a humanity. And the answer will come to us in a whisper. And we will speak it almost as a lullaby….“Nachos.” 

1. Pork Nachos from Petty Cash



2. Vegan Nachos from Real Food Daily

Beverly Grove


3. Loaded Nachos from Cabo Cantina

Hollywood, West Hollywood, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice


4. Nachos Grandisimo from Casa Vega

Studio City


5. Nacho Mama’s Nachos from Barneys Beanery

Westwood, West Hollywood

6. Sonora Style Nachos from El Cholo

Santa Monica, Downtown, Koreatown


7. Nachos from Loteria Grill

Hollywood, Westwood, Fairfax, Downtown 

8. Nacho Plate from Manuel’s Original Tepeyec

East L.A.

9. Carne Asada Nachos from Casita Taco El Carbon

North Hollywood

10. Kimchi Nachos from Komodo

Pico Robertson, Venice

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