10 Must-Try L.A. Restaurants According to Instagram’s Most Adorable Foodie

The insufferably cute @foodbabyny ate his way through L.A. last week—and he gave us some dining tips

If you were eating lunch at The Ivy last Thursday between noon and 2 p.m., you may have experienced an epic celebrity baby sighting. Was North West eating a lobster cobb salad? Nope. Was Blue Ivy Carter chowing down on some crab cakes? Not quite.

It was Matthew Chau—better known by his Instagram handle @foodbabyny (which boasts 58,000 followers and counting)—eating corn kernels with his tiny hands and struggling through a piece of fried chicken bigger than his almost-two-year-old head.

Though dad, Mike, and mom, Alex, do most of the leg work on the Instagram account—babies have a hard time building social media empires—Matthew is undoubtedly the cog that makes the machine turn. In each close-up picture of N.Y.C.’s best, tastiest, and most #FoodPorn-worthy eats, the young epicurean is lurking adorably in the background.

For the first time in his young life, Matthew came out west for a one week food tour around L.A. As his journey came to a close, we sat down with him over a mess of Guisados tacos to find out his favorite Angeleno hotspots. All Matthew said was, “I need mommy,” “I love corn,” and “Tacos!”—because he’s two—but after some key translating from his parents, we got the scoop.

Below is your list of must-eat places in L.A. according to Instagram’s cutest foodie.

1. Plan Check

2. Gjusta

3. Bay Cities

4. Petit Trois

5. Milk

6. Pizzeria Mozza

7. Alimento

8. Jon & Vinny’s

9. Animal

10. Salt & Straw