The Hands-Down Top 10 Best Cookies in L.A.

Sure, we have beaches, celebs, and near-perfect weather, but Los Angeles is home to astounding cookies, too

A little-known fact about Los Angeles: You’re never far from an excellent freshly baked cookie, and there are as many varieties as there are cars on the 101 during rush hour. Chocolate chip might always be the most popular, but beyond the traditional choices you’ll discover everything from gluten-free treats to Middle Eastern ma’amoul to better-than-Oreo knockoffs. Here are ten you shouldn’t live without. Milk optional.

1. Li’l Merri Cream Pie Sandwich from Cake Monkey Bakery

North Hollywood

The slender sandwich features large, soft oatmeal cookies layered with sweet maple buttercream.


2. The Everything from Lodge Bread Co.

Culver Garden

Whole-grain, wheat flour blackstrap molasses, oats, cranberries, coconut, cashews, dates, dark chocolate: It’s a charming hodge-podge.


3. Ma’amoul from Sarkis Pastry

Glendale and Pasadena

This semolina confection—with date paste or chopped walnuts or pistachios—is a Middle Eastern holiday staple. The Armenian bakery Sarkis carries a selection year-round.


4. Durango from Valerie Confections

Los Angeles

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Milk chocolate chips, cocoa nibs, and hickory-smoked salt set this chocolate chip cookie apart from its competition.


5. Hazelnut Linzer from Gjusta


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Buttery hazelnut shortbread sandwiches a rotating roster of house-made jams: fig, raspberry, whatever’s on hand. Show up early— it sells out fast.


 6. Miso Butterscotch from Sugarbloom Bakery

Various Locations

Brown butter and white miso are a savory-salty-umami match for sweet white chocolate chips.


7. Ginger Date Molasses from Larder Baking Co

Culver City

Soft-cookie lovers, rejoice: Laced with ginger, dried dates, and molasses, this spice cookie doesn’t need a holiday.


8. TKO from Bouchon Bakery

Beverly Hills

The Thomas Keller Oreo is a sandwich cookie of not-too-sweet icing between dark cocoa shortbread with scalloped edges.


9. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip from Lemonade

Various Locations

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Can’t decide between peanut butter and chocolate chip? This fusion, which is crisp and chewy, combines the best of both worlds.


10. Mocha from Euro Pane


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Made with rice flour, Cacao Noel cocoa, and chocolate chips, the gluten-free but ultra chocolatey cookie doesn’t skip a beat on delicious.