Zipcar Comes to West Hollywood


Today marks the West Hollywood launch of Zipcar, a subscriber-based car-sharing program, with ten cars parked at five locations along Santa Monica Boulevard. The cars are available for anyone to use, so long as they have an activated key card and a reservation, both of which can be requested online here.


The program is the result of the efforts of WeHo mayor John Duran, council members John Heilman, Abbe Land, and John D’Amico, and Dan Grossman, the West Coast regional vice president of Zipcar. At a press conference detailing the launch, Mayor Duran expressed his desire to “help make the area more pedestrian friendly” (FYI, we took the bus to the event).


For those who don’t drive everyday, using a Zipcar to run errands can be more affordable and convenient than renting or owning a car. Zipcar usage also lowers the carbon footprint by taking ten to 15 cars off the street per Zipcar. Grossman is looking forward to West Hollywood adopting and utilizing the program so that more Zipcars and locations can be made available.


Zipcar pricing ranges from $8 – $9.75 per hour and $72-$79 for an entire day. These prices include the costs of insurance and gas, which can be purchased with a gas card that stays in the car.

There is a variety of vehicle types to choose from, including hybrid, sedan, coupe, convertible SUV, hatchbacks, and wagons. Grossman joked about even having BMWs available for Hollywood customers.


Here is where you can find a Zipcar now:


1109 N. Poinsettia Pl. at Santa Monica Blvd.

Fountain Ave. and Vista St.

1101 N. Orange Grove at Santa Monica Blvd.

1098 N. Orlando Ave. at Santa Monica Blvd.

Hancock Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd.