Your Official Los Angeles Magazine Golden Globes Drinking Game

Eat a big dinner beforehand

This Sunday, January 10, the 73rd Annual Golden Globes will celebrate the best of film and television. Since no awards show is complete without a drinking game, here is our official guide to getting happily sloshed, featuring some of our favorite cocktails and brews.

  1. When Ricky Gervais—or anyone else, for that matter—mentions his past transgressions as host, get things started with a hefty glass of champagne.
  2. For every curse word that gets bleeped, drink a Silent Third.
  3. Every time Jennifer Lawrence’s name comes up, take a shot of Kentucky bourbon.
  4. If Transparent wins for Best Television Series, drink a Shangri-La.
  5. If Transparent loses, drink a Shangri-La anyway.
  6. Any time Amy Schumer is mentioned, guzzle a glass of white wine.
  7. For every category in which Carol is nominated, drink a tiny dry martini.
  8. For every category in which The Danish Girl is nominated, drink a Danish Modern.
  9. During the Best Motion Picture: Foreign category, drink any foreign beer of your choosing.
  10. When The Big Short is announced for Best Motion Picture, take a double shot of Loft & Bear vodka and then tweet your drunken congratulations to @RyanGosling. (By this time you’ll probably be hammered, so this will seem like an even better idea.)
  11. If Saoirse Ronan wins for Best Actress in Brooklyn, chug any of these fine, East Coast craft brews.
  12. If Saoirse Ronan loses, chug a Bud Light.
  13. When Game of Thrones is announced as a Best Television Series nominee, drink a glass of Italian Amarone.
  14. When Orange is the New Black is announced in the same category, pour yourself a Screwdriver.

Whoever is drunkest at the end wins!