Wrestler “The Miz” Has Harsh Words For New WWE Star Logan Paul

”You think that you can do it on your own, but you can’t,” the YouTube personality’s former tag team partner said to him

Pro wrestler Michael “The Miz” Mizanin doesn’t think YouTuber-turned-wrestler Logan Paul is ready for the big leagues.

In case you missed it, after several matches in the ring and one tag team with Mizanin himself at WrestleMania 38, Paul was granted a contract with the WWE. Then, as a tag team, Paul and Mizanin defeated Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio—but after the match, Mizanin attacked Paul.

After the controversial influencer signed his WWE contract, he made it clear that his sights are set on his former “backstabbing partner” for betraying him in the ring. While Paul is claiming he and Mizanin are no longer “cool,” LAMag was told by Mizanin that he feels he has nothing to worry about.

“I’ve offered Logan Paul to tag team with me. I think us being the WWE undisputed tag team champions would be an incredible thing and incredible opportunity for him,  but he doesn’t realize what it takes,” Mizanin said while he was attending the MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball Game over the weekend.

“He’s had one match in WWE and it was a great match. He was phenomenal. He was a natural talent and he had all the ability to be a huge star. He just needs to develop it, but he thinks he’s ready now for a one-on-one match at SummerSlam. I’m sorry… he’s not ready for it and I don’t know how to explain that to him any clearer,” he added.

“Monday is going to be our first face-to-face confrontation where I’m actually going to allow him to say everything he needs to say and I’m going to tell him what he needs to hear,” he said. “Hopefully he listens to me and we can be tag team champions.” 

What he needs to hear, the wrestler said of Paul, is plain and simple: “You think that you can do it on your own, but you can’t. I taught you everything in the ring. I didn’t teach you everything I know in the ring—and that’s a huge difference.”

Despite this ongoing feud, Mizanin says that he encourages other influencers and reality stars to continue in his and Paul’s footsteps and find a second career in the ring.

“I always applaud entertainers and celebrities, whether it’s a musician, actor, or wherever they may come from, comes to WWE and kind of gets a whole new respect for what we do,” he said. 

Stepping outside of his own comfort zone in the ring, Mizanin continued his competitive nature during the MLB’s All-Star Celebrity Softball Game, going head to head against his former Dancing With The Stars contestant, JoJo Siwa. 

“I plan on winning MVP this year and happen to get a couple of dingers,” he said. 

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