Would You Watch a Documentary About ‘Literary LA’?

Pony up $23,000 and you can.

How much money would you shell out to fund a documentary about literary life in Los Angeles? Tom Lutz, the founder and editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books (he also teaches writing at UC Riverside), has teamed up with filmmaker Kurt Olerud to produce Literary LA, a feature documentary that “strives to capture the city’s literary soul in all of its complexity.”

That copy comes from the film’s Kickstarter, where Lutz, Olerud, et al. are asking for $23,000. Inspired by the work of Lionel Rolfe, the movie features a raft of local authors: Walter Mosely, Aimee Bender, Hector Tobar, Janet Fitch, Jerry Stahl, Rachel Kushner, Kem Nunn, Mike Davis, founder of Libros Schmibros (and occasional contributor to this magazine) David Kipen, and Los Angeles magazine’s own film critic, novelist Steve Erickson.

The Kickstarter campaign, which launched yesterday, has so far genrated $290, but you’ve got until July 24 to chip in and help make the movie happen.