The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Just Got a Major Tech Update

In the words of Beyonce: ”Let me upgrade U”

Well Merlin’s beard, y’all. Universal Studios announced today that Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey—the trademark thrill ride at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter—just got a pretty impressive technological upgrade: all of the film projections will now be presented in 4K-HD, which sounds like a Star Wars character but is really the shorthand for “Super Sharp And Pretty Mind-Blowing Imagery That Will Have You All OMG I’m LITERALLY Flying On a Broom With Harry Potter At Hogwarts RN.” (The press release would be more clear if that’s what it said, to be honest.) Per the theme park, pre-filmed images shown throughout the ride that were once projected at 60 frames-per-second will now be projected at 120 frames-per-second, which means every crazy jaunt through Hogwarts’ corridors and every sharp turn on the Quidditch pitch will feel even more immersive.

If you visited the park in its early days, you might have caught the ride in its 3D iteration. Three-dimensional screens combined with nausea-inducing hydraulics on its four-seater vehicles resulted in lots of vomit, none of the Weasley twins’ puking pastilles required. The addition of the 4K-HD means dumping the 3D glasses and hopefully the barf bags. If the ride still turns your stomach, though, consider spending the rest of your day sipping Butterbeer (we’d suggest the carbonated version, as it might help settle your innards) and scouring the park for all of its hidden film props.