Without Nudity


Designer and author Justin Jorgensen will be hosting what is probably L.A.’s first in-car book signing tonight at 8, greeting fans from inside his 1979 Pontiac Trans Am at the corner of Sherwood and La Cienega. His book Obscene Interiors features screen grabs from explicit online personals where delicately positioned nudes are deleted but their outlines and unattractive homes are left intact. Jorgenson’s architectural criticism will be performed by mezzo-soprano Peabody Southwell (Nixon in China, Faust) who will reinterpret the tome as a three-act roadside opera with live harp accompaniment from a nearby newsstand. After the epic, Jorgensen is offering tickets to a club “where you can experience a real live obscene interior.” Politely decline or you might find yourself in Obscene Interiors II.