Why Foodgod Skipped Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Wedding

The food influencer also tells LAMag why he “loves” Kim Kardashian eating at Red Lobster

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker eloped in Las Vegas last month, then got legally married, all before jetting off to Italy last weekend for a romantic wedding ceremony in front of their A-list family and friends. Noticeably absent from the over-the-top nuptials was close friend of the family, Foodgod. 

“I was moving this weekend from Miami to New York,” Foodgod revealed exclusively to Los Angeles magazine at an event for Hertz. “It was a big planned move. I had a lot going on because it’s a big summer ahead of me for travel and I’m going to be on the road for two months.”

Nonetheless, the 48-year-old food influencer was drooling over the photos he saw of the food served at the celebration. 

“It’s Italy,” Foodgod said. “You can take it off the floor and it’s good in Italy. Even the commercials sound good. I hate commercials, but I listen to commercials in Italy in the car and it’s so nice.” 

That said, Foodgod is unsure what to gift the couple because they’re “so healthy.” 

“I feel like he’s vegan or something,” he said of Barker. “They’re very, very healthy. I’m probably not the right person to buy them any food product. I don’t think it’ll work.”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JUNE 25: Kim Kardashian (L) and Jonathan Cheban are seen in the Lower East Side on June 25, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

In other Kardashian news, Kim Kardashian recently went viral again when fans realized she learned she passed her baby bar legal exam after dining at Red Lobster. Foodgod insists he and his BFF enjoys “normal restaurants,” too. 

“I love that,” Foodgod said. “Kim and I used to go to Wood Ranch all the time and eat these beef ribs that they have there so we like normal restaurants too. When I’m not [in LA] for short periods of time, I love going to normal restaurants. I love going to Il Tramezzino to get their chicken sandwich that’s amazing. We go to a mix. We like everything.” 

Foodgod, formally known as Jonathan Cheban before legally changing his name, boasts a social media following of over 11 million that track his food adventures around the globe. Widely known for his recurring roles on TV, particularly Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Foodgod is now the biggest food influencer and has the decadent diet to prove it. His show Foodgod on The Food Network and discovery+ features him visiting over the top restaurants, taking the viewer through his personal food experiences with celebrity friends. Now, the influencer is debuting a whole new line of food products that will be available to his fans soon. 

“I’m launching a lot of new FoodGod products, I have FoodGod Fresh, which is a food delivery, I have a FoodGod Zero Nicotine Vapes, to help people quit vaping and I’ve got ice cream coming out, a lot of product,” he said. 

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