Why Charli and Dixie D’Amelio Will Not Attend Met Gala

“It’s Charli’s birthday May 1st so we’re going to the Bahamas,” Dixie tells LA Mag

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio will not be attending this year’s 2022 Met Gala. The Tik-Tok-famous sisters said they have some more important plans booked into their schedules. 

“It’s Charli’s birthday May 1, so we’re going to the Bahamas,” Dixie told Los Angeles magazine. 

“It’s the big 18, so I’m excited,” Charli echoed. “I guess [I’m ready to be an adult]. I moved out two months ago, so I’m starting the adulting process a little bit earlier. It’s going well so far.” 

All of the D’Amelio family’s exciting life moments will be captured for the family’s reality TV show. Hulu announced last November that The D’Amelio Show, which follows the lives of the social media influencers and their parents, has been renewed for another season. 

“We’re almost done filming it. There’s tons of new characters,” Dixie joked. “It’s definitely more uplifting than last season and a lot more of following our businesses and passions and finding new passions. I think it’s going to be really interesting, because we don’t post a lot when we’re filming, to see what we’ve been doing.” 

The first season honed in on the transition the D’Amelio sisters experienced as they went from a normal life to an overnight celebrity. The family showed Hulu’s cameras the highs and lows of moving to Los Angeles full time and juggling both sister’s side projects, all while trying to cope with their mental health in a career that can sometimes cause a toxic environment. Though Charli doesn’t have it all worked out yet, she’s excited for fans to see how much her mental health has improved in the upcoming season. 

“It’s just time and figuring out what works for you,” Charli said. “I still haven’t gotten the full grasp of it, but that’s what we’re all doing. Nobody is perfect and nobody has 100 percent good days, and I think recognizing that, but trying to make the most out of every day is very important.” 

The D’Amelio sisters were out Tuesday afternoon celebrating National Pet Month at Kathy Hilton’s Bel Air estate to introduce the Halo Dog Collar. The Halo Dog Collar, co-founded by César Millán, is the newest smart safety system for dogs utilizing proprietary technology and dog psychology to provide a wireless smart fence and smart training, including a GPS tracker. Representatives from Wags & Walk were also on hand with adoptable pups with proceeds benefiting their mission to save family friendly dogs from high kill shelters & place them in loving forever homes.

“We have four dogs and moving to LA, we didn’t have a front or back yard that was fenced in because there’s no room here. We live right on the street now and have our dogs in our house and it makes us worried because it’s an area we don’t know that well,” Dixie said. “So having the collars and knowing we can sleep at night in case anything were to happen, our dogs would be safe.”

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