Why Camille Kostek Was Inspired to Launch A Second Swimsuits for All Line

”It is time to live life to the absolute fullest and embrace all that you are,” model and TV host tells LAMag

Camille Kostek is creating a space for women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident, sexy and empowered in their bikini bodies. The 30-year-old Sports Illustrated model just launched her second collection with the leading size inclusive swimwear brand, Swimsuits For All, this week at a pop up shop located on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. Designed with nature in mind, Camille hopes her collection will continue to “celebrate all women in their all-natural state.”

“If you’re somebody who struggles with finding a suit that fits you best or struggles with stepping out at that pool party or at the beach, I hope this is your sign to let those limiting fears go. It is time to live life to the absolute fullest and embrace all that you are,” Kostek told Los Angeles magazine about the inspiration behind her newest line.

“I know that you will find a swimsuit in this collection that you will love,” she added. “That’s why I partnered with Swimsuits For All and that’s why I created a swimsuit line.”

Kostek continued to explain how she almost allowed her own limiting thoughts and fears convince her to stay away from the swimsuit space, but ultimately decided she had a confident voice and an inspirational body positive story to share through her collection. 

“I actually held off on creating my swimsuit line because I wanted to find that perfect collaboration that was truly about inclusivity before it became popular, before this body positive moment,” she said. “I wanted this to be a collaboration that could have all walks of life, women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable and find something they love, feel like it’s a second skin, and feel their best.” 

Though Kostek is currently celebrating her fifth year modeling for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, she admits she wasn’t always so confident stepping into a bikini herself. 

“I remember for me that moment was walking my first ever runway show for Sports Illustrated swimsuit, and I was so scared, I didn’t think I could even walk out on stage,” Kostek said. “I was like, ‘What is scaring me?’ It was literally the limiting thoughts that I had in my mind of the fear of what other people would think of me and my body. That is not how I was raised. That is not the impression I give to my younger siblings, that is not what I teach them.” 

“If I could step out of my body and tell myself something, it would be that we’re not promised every day so let’s be grateful for being here and living in the here and now and not waiting for that next time,” she added. “I say if you’re not ready now, then when will you be ready? For me, it’s so important to own all that you  are. It’s easier said than done, but when you change that mindset, you will step out into the world and attract so many beautiful things.”

Kostek used that mindset when she began designing her second collection with Swimsuits For All, which includes more color and coverage. The Camille Kostek Collection with Swimsuits For All is available in sizes S – XXL, with prices ranging from $30 to $128.

“Right away, I knew when I rolled out season one, it was what does Camille Kostek dream of having in her essential bikini drawer, and that’s how I created the collection. I knew because of that I was really catering to my favorite things, and things that fit my body the best,” Kostek said. “There was feedback of people saying they want more coverage, more color, reds, so I had a lot of fun listening to the feedback and criticism and what people really loved. I looked at the numbers to see what was really selling and from there I added my flare and really brought in what you all wanted. You’ll find more coverage, one pieces, more tops with that underwire that you can dance and do watersports in.” . 

“I would say a lot stayed the same in that I like to stay away from patterns, I like things to be timeless, I like them to live on, and I just think simplicity and classics are classic,” she added. “I would say the biggest difference Is that we added a little more coverage. I was listening to the people. I love things to be very cheeky so there are still some cheeky options, but a lot more coverage on top and on the bottom, and a lot more resort wear and a lot more pieces that are multiway like our scarves and our hats and we have co-ed sweatshirts, so we’re starting to weasel our way into our guys too.” 

The co-ed sweatshirt is actually a favorite of Kostek’s boyfriend and 4X Super Bowl Champion, Rob Gronkowski. 

“He loves all the colors. He loves this neon pink with the contrast of the watermelon green,” she said. “He knows what I like to wear, and a lot of these things reflect my personal style and it’s cool for him to see it all come to life because he’s sees me behind the scenes going crazy at home.” 

“He was actually on location when we were shooting this campaign, which was really cool. Usually a lot of the projects I do are in season so when we found out the shoot was going to be out of season and in St. Lucia, he was like sign me up, I need to join,” Kostek added. “It was really fun to have him behind the scenes to see everything that goes into it. Business hat Camille is totally different than laid back Camille at home and he’s loving it.” 

Swimsuits For All inspires women of all ages, shapes and sizes to be confident and carefree in the swim they’re in. For more information, visit swimsuitsforall.com.