Kendrick Lamar Dropped a Whole New Album While You Were Sleeping

”untitled unmastered.” is 34 minutes of music that the artist has been working on for several years

L.A.’s Kendrick Lamar has been killing it all year (and it’s only March); he swept the Grammys, he met with the president, and he became an outspoken champion of My Brothers’ Keeper, a mentorship program with which he is heavily involved.

Now, the Compton native has pulled a Beyonce: With hardly any fanfare whatsoever, he released untitled unmastered., a collection of songs that he’s worked on for the past several years but that didn’t make the cut for 2015’s To Pimp A Butterfly.

The album dropped last night, and is now available on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, and elsewhere. Its release was teased by the CEO of Lamar’s record label, TDE Entertainment’s Anthony Tiffith, last week in an Instagram post which Lamar retweeted, and Lamar has hinted at its existence in the past.

Each of the songs on untitled unmastered. is titled only with a number and a date, i.e.: “untitled 01 | 08.19.2014,” and the eight-track project runs just 34 minutes.

The rapper has done live performances of music from untitled unmastered. in the past. In 2014, performing as the last guest on The Colbert Report, Lamar told the show’s ubiquitous host that he had written a new song which he would be premiering that night. When asked by Colbert what the name of the song was, he replied, “It’s actually untitled.”

That track appears on untitled unmastered. as “untitled 03 | 05.28.2013.”