Where Bad Movies Go to Become Hilariously Good

Introducing Doug Benson’s Movie Interruption at the Cinefamily

The Place
If you must watch a Nicholas Sparks tearjerker, do it with funnyman Doug Benson and his posse of comedians cracking wise during the onscreen action. The quality of the overwrought rom-coms, bloated action flicks, and big-budget flops is questionable, but not the uproarious experience.

 The People
The Cinefamily’s clubhouse atmosphere makes this a “safe haven” for the movie obsessed, from collegiate cineastes to middle-aged dads who still love Adam Sandler. Thanks to a terrific roster of marquee names like Sarah Silverman and Brian Posehn, who help with the play-by-play, Benson’s ritual of ridicule, held at least once a month, usually sells out. He has only one rule: Don’t talk over the dialogue (even though the rule is broken constantly).

The Payoff
Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 can rejoice. This is where bad movies go to become hilariously good.

Doug Benson’s Movie Interruption at the Cinefamily 611 N. Fairfax Ave., L.A., 323-655-2510