What’s That Smell? Bespoke Scents Arrive at the Movies, Concerts and Homes

The latest status symbol in L.A. isn’t something you drive or wear. But it is coming up smelling of roses

At the Aster social club in Hollywood, perfumer Alfonso Hernandez-Nicolai was recently hired to pump scents into the club’s theater to create a sort of upscale “Smell-O-vision” while movies like Noah Baumbach’s White Noise and Gaspar Noé’s Climax were screening.

“He uses a small box that wafts out like a humidifier,” explains the Aster’s director of programming, Halston Bruce. Hernandez-Nicolai also performed this olfactory miracle at the Broad, when Swedish singer Lykke Li asked him to pump in “the smell of two people deeply in love” during a performance in September.

Meanwhile, luxury Parisian perfumer Ex Nihilo has collaborated with César Giraldo Design to create a bespoke scent for a $68 million home for sale in Bel-Air. The customized odor being pumped into the house, known as “1859,” is exclusive to the mansion; only the lucky buyers of the home will have access to the aroma.

At $68 million, refills better be included.

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