Here’s What to Watch on TV This Fall if Your Favorite Shows Are Over

That indent in your couch cushions is about to get a few inches deeper

Elsewhere in the country, September signifies the return of professional football. In an NFL-deprived L.A., we have our own seasonal sojourn to look forward to: a brand new slate of fall TV. If, however, you’re still mourning the loss of your favorite canceled or completed shows (what could possibly fill the Jax Teller-shaped hole in our souls?) take heart—between network television and streaming services, this year’s lineup is looking as fierce as ever. Consider setting a fresh batch of DVR recordings for the following.

If you liked Sons of Anarchy, you’ll love…The Bastard Executioner

Anyone who made it through all seven seasons of SOA knows that show creator, writer, and star Kurt Sutter is a pretty twisted guy (or, as he put it to The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s not bullshit that I’m a dark motherf—er and I say very disturbing things in a creative way”). Sutter’s newest project for FX is The Bastard Executioner—a medieval drama whose characters look to be equally as debauched as any of the Sons despite swapping leather cuts and guns for chainmail and swords. Considering SOA’s final episodes drew the highest viewership in FX’s history, fans of Sutter’s first hit should be pleased with his new venture.
September 15 on FX

If you liked Raising Hope, you’ll love…Life in Pieces

Viewers prone to the quirky comedy that kept the Chance family on air for four seasons will appreciate Life in Pieces, a half-hour sitcom with a ridiculously talented cast (James Brolin, Dianne West, Betsy Brandt, Colin Hanks). Each episode is told in four short vignettes focusing on various members of a single family. The humor is a tad saucier than Raising Hope, but there are more than enough heartwarming moments to keep things balanced.
Premieres: September 21 on CBS

If you liked Parks and Recreation, you’ll love…The Muppets

The information came directly from the frog’s mouth: The Muppets reboot will skew more mature than its previous iterations, taking cues from mockumentary-style shows like Parks and Rec and The Office. If the ten-minute pitch video is any indication, Jim Henson’s crew is primed for a solid comeback.
Premieres: September 22 on ABC

If you liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you’ll love…Scream Queens

Step away from the Netflix reruns. Ryan Murphy (the man behind Glee and American Horror Story) takes everything that was great about Joss Whedon’s campy, vampy series—quotable dialogue, multi-faceted yet relatable characters, the thrill of impending doom—and gives it a millennial upgrade in Scream Queens, a dramedy (or is it?) about a serial killer whose targets are the girls in one college sorority. As Buffy would say: Seize the moment, ‘cause tomorrow you might be dead.
Premieres: September 22 on Fox

If you liked Heroes, you’ll love…Heroes Reborn

It’s kind of a given. The limited 13-episode series is an offshoot of the original, which last aired in 2010. Reborn picks up the storyline in real time, five years after Hayden Panettiere went public with her powers. Expect a cast of some old (but mostly new) faces and a fluid plotline, which will sit well with both diehard fans and newcomers.
Premieres: September 24 on NBC

If you liked Happy Endings, you’ll love…Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Not only does this musical comedy (!) take place in West Covina, it comes to us from the writer of The Devil Wears Prada and the director of (500) Days of Summer, which certainly ups its hit potential. The show stars YouTube phenom Rebecca Bloom as a miserable New Yorker who follows an ex to California after receiving an existential nudge from a butter commercial. Between its weirdness and its pedigree, it could very well surpass the cult success of Happy Endings.
Premieres: October 12 on The CW

If you liked Smallville, you’ll love…Supergirl

Besides wondering what Tom Welling has been doing since Smallville’s 2011 finale (seriously, where’d he go?), we were staring to question whether the Superman universe would ever come back to the small screen. Enter Supergirl, one of this year’s most anticipated arrivals, which follows Kara Zor-El as she journeys to earth after escaping Krypton.
Premieres: October 26 on CBS

If you liked Crossbones, you’ll love…The Man in the High Castle

Wait, did anyone like Crossbones? Considering the alt-history pirate show (starring Oscar-nominee John Malkovich as Blackbeard) was sent to Davey Jones’ Locker after only nine episodes, all signs point to no. The Man in the High Castle, however, is poised to redeem the alt-history genre for serialized entertainment. Based on Philip K. Dick’s 1962 novel of the same name, the show takes place in a world where the Axis Powers—Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany—won WWII. Yikes.
Premieres: November 20 on Amazon