What to Stream This Weekend: ‘Bridgerton,’ ‘Atlanta,’ ‘Pachinko’

The best TV shows and movies to watch on your favorite platforms

Ahead of the Oscars this weekend, the prognostications have been flying about whether Apple or Netflix will walk away with the Best Picture trophy at this year’s awards ceremony. In Apple’s case, for Coda, while Netflix is in Best Picture contention for Don’t Look Up, and The Power of the DogMeanwhile, the streaming conveyor belt doesn’t stop cranking along, with new shows to watch and enjoy while the industry busies itself with celebrating highlights (including many streaming highlights) from the past year.

Below, we’ve brought you some of the best selections of new shows and movies from all the major platforms. This week, the selection of new shows to watch includes a fresh season of Bridgerton, the show that Netflix has previously confirmed is one of its biggest series of all time. There’s also the long-awaited return of Donald Glover’s Atlanta. Plus a new Korean-language series from Apple TV+ based on a beloved novel, and much more.


There’s no question what the biggest streaming release this weekend will be. Bridgerton, the deliciously drama-filled, Regency-era romance from the streaming hit factory at Shondaland, returns to Netflix for season two. This time around, executive producer Shonda Rhimes promises there will be a lot that’s new. From fresh faces to more representation on-screen (such as a deviation from the show’s source material series of novels, making the Sharma family be of South Asian descent). But at the same time, Rhimes promises, this will still be the same Bridgerton that everyone knows and loves. And, for that matter, the same impossible-to-resist binge-worthy drama that turned into one of Netflix’s biggest shows of all time.

“We’ve upped our game a little bit in terms of how we’re telling this story,” Rhimes says about season two, in Netflix’s press material that accompanies this weekend’s debut. “In the first season of Bridgerton, we had to introduce everybody to the world — and now people know what this world is. Now our goal is to just bring them in even deeper, give them more of a sense of what’s going on, and let them really see how this world works. And that’s exciting.” Streaming March 25 on Netflix


Donald Glover’s hypnotically great FX series is finally back, after a prolonged multi-year hiatus. And it sees the narrative this time transposed from the Southern metropolis that gives the show its name to Europe. That’s where “Paper Boi” has embarked on a successful tour. One for which, of course, Earn, Darius, and Van are also along for the ride. This show was always about striving, and strivers, and the success they chased — and, apparently, how to navigate the much more complex topography of adjusting to it once aspirations morph into reality. Debuts Thursday March 24 on FX (with new episodes on Hulu the following day)


Netflix has heretofore been the streaming service with the biggest and buziest Korean-language titles. Think hits like Squid Game, and Crash Landing on You. Now, Apple is stepping up to the plate with the elegiac, multi-generational drama Pachinko (based on the novel of the same name, from Min Jin Lee). In a story free of superheroes and big special effects-laden set pieces, this new show to watch from the iPhone maker will attempt to win over viewers with a narrative and visuals of breathtaking scope.

As Apple’s summary explains, it’s a story about the hopes and dreams of a Korean immigrant family. And the story spans four generations, as the family leaves its South Korean homeland of the early 1900s. Pachinko is about family, love, home, discrimination, and identity. And the series will be told in Korean, Japanese, and English. “We cannot help but be interested in the stories of people that history pushes aside so thoughtlessly,” Jin Lee writes, in the novel that functions as the series’ source material. Streaming on Apple TV+ starting March 25


The same week that Bridgerton returns to Netflix, Masterpiece on PBS likewise has brought viewers back to the Regency era. That’s thanks to the much-anticipated return of Sanditon. Set in a fictional English seaside resort town, this series brings to life an unfinished manuscript penned by Jane Austen. And it feels very much like a refreshing anachronism compared to a modern world beset by war and the (hopefully) last vestiges of a frightening pandemic. Indeed, there’s a hazy, breath-of-fresh-air sheen to the sun-dappled goings on of the townsfolk here, from the impossibly handsome suitors to the lovely Charlotte Heywood. She’s a spirited, romantic, independent woman very much in the mold of a classic Austen protagonist. New episodes on PBS Sundays, through April 24


This week, Paramount+ adds another entry to the pile of new shows to watch, having finally brought to fruition an on-again, off-again effort to turn the Halo video game franchise into a series for the small screen. This adaptation of the game that launched with the first Xbox will, per Paramount, dramatize the conflict between humans and an alien threat called the Covenant. Expect “deeply drawn personal stories” along with, naturally, plenty of action. Plus, “a richly imagined version of the future.”

The cast, by the way, includes Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief. Plus Natascha McElhone as Dr. Halsey, and Jen Taylor as Cortana. Streaming now on Paramount+, new episodes weekly

The Principles of Pleasure

Guys, there’s no excuse anymore for not knowing how to take care of your woman’s needs. Now, there’s literally a new show to watch, streamable on Netflix, that will answer all your questions. “Sex, joy and modern science converge in this eye-opening series that celebrates the complex world of women’s pleasure — and puts old-fashioned myths to rest,” the streamer says about the series. The discussion here, with expert voices participating, ranges from sex toys to the different types of orgasms women can experience. Streaming now on Netflix

driving home 2 u

Music documentary fans, don’t worry. We’re not leaving you out of this week’s roundup of new shows to watch.

Increasingly, concert and music docs are finding a home on Disney+, which has already given subscribers gems like Peter Jackson’s Beatles docuseries Get Back. As well as Taylor Swift’s 2020 documentary Folklore. Next up in this vein? Olivia Rodrigo, the pop star behind songs like Driver’s License. She’s the centerpiece of this road-trip documentary that’s also coming to the platform this weekend.

In it, Rodrigo journeys from Salt Lake City, where she started writing her debut album, to Los Angeles. She’ll tell stories and share memories along the way. Plus never-before-seen album recording footage, and more. Streaming on Disney+ starting March 25

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