What to Stream This Weekend: ‘Anatomy of a Scandal,’ ‘Kardashians,’ ‘Roar’

The best TV shows and movies coming this week across the sea of streaming platforms

Get your remote and your popcorn ready, because there’s once again a ton of new content to enjoy this weekend across all your favorite streaming services. Netflix, for example, is back with a star-studded new prestige drama. But before making time for the juicy Anatomy of a Scandal, there are also a slew of other new shows to be aware of. Everything from a new female-focused anthology series on Apple TV+ to a Western on Amazon’s Prime Video platform. One that, moreover, sprinkles a bit of Stranger Things into its story to shake the formula up a bit.

As always, we’ve highlighted a few of the biggest and best new streaming selections below. Our latest rundown includes series descriptions and general details for each of the new shows. As well as trailers to enjoy before deciding whether to give any of the titles a try.

Anatomy of a Scandal

Anatomy of a Scandal, a new Netflix limited series hitting the streamer this weekend, seems to have on paper at least all the ingredients to be a streaming hit. Attractive cast, a salacious storyline, and the involvement of executive producers whose credits include Big Little Lies (David Kelley) and The Americans (Melissa James Gibson). Check, check, and check.

Based on a novel of the same name — something that’s turning into a go-to move for all the major streaming services, as competition among them ramps up, but that’s another story — here’s the basic gist of this new show. It pretty much comes down to a steamy mix of sex and power. At its heart, this is a combination thriller and courtroom drama. And it incorporates the foibles and privilege of elite British society, as well as political scandal. James Whitehorse (played by Rupert Friend) is a minister in Parliament who’s on a fast track upwards. Sienna Miller plays the good wife here — she’s the long-suffering Sophie, who finds out not only that James has been cheating on her. He’s also been accused of rape, something he strenuously denies having committed.

Downton Abbey‘s Michelle Dockery, meanwhile, is another familiar face herein. She plays prosecutor Kate Woodcroft, who suspects James might be guilty for her own reasons. Tune in this week for another installment of Men Behaving Badly. 
This limited series will debut on Netflix on Friday, April 15.

Outer Range

Yellowstone meets Stranger Things. That’s how this new 8-episode series from Amazon’s Prime Video service has been described, which should be enough all on its own to entice plenty of viewers to check it out. Josh Brolin plays a very gruff and very John Dutton-esque rancher named Royal Abbott, who’s fighting to keep his land and his family together in the Wyoming wilderness. Okay, so far so good. But then, the curveball:

When’s the last time you encountered a Western that veered into the supernatural?

Abbott discovers a dark mystery on his land that seems quite literally from another world. “Dear God,” Abbott leads the family in prayer at one point, around the dinner table. “You made this crazy world, so maybe you can give us some sort of hint as to what you’re up to … there is a big distance between us. There is a great void … I’m asking you to come down here and explain yourself. Because this world of yours isn’t quite adding up.”
The first two episodes of “Outer Range” debut on April 15. Two new episodes will debut each week thereafter.

Not So Pretty

A new four-episode HBO documentary series brings an investigative lens to the beauty industry — specifically, to the makeup, skin-care, hair, and nails products that comprise a bulk of the trillion-dollar business of cosmetics. Using what HBO Max’s WarnerMedia has said will be “rigorous investigations, incisive wit, and emotionally storytelling,” this series from filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering and narrated by Keke Palmer will also propose safe and budget-friendly alternatives to popular beauty products.
Now streaming on HBO Max.

Our Great National Parks

It’s not every week we’ll have an opportunity to note that a major new streaming release has the participation of a former president. But this week’s roundup includes exactly that, via a new show on Netflix that turns the documentarian’s camera on iconic national parks around the world.

Executive-produced and narrated by President Obama, Our Great National Parks will take viewers on a tour of the world’s most breathtaking places, from the waters of Monterey Bay in California to the rainforests of Gunung Leuser National Park in Indonesia. “This is a journey through the natural wonders of our shared birthright,” the president says at one point during the series.
Now streaming on Netflix.


Apple’s subscription TV service has gone from strength to strength so far this year, launching critically acclaimed, adventurous, and buzzy new shows like Pachinko, Severance, and Slow Horses. One of the newest additions to the iPhone maker’s streaming service is Roar, an anthology series based on a book of short stories by Cecelia Ahern. Blending magical realism with futuristic worlds as well as “domestic and professional scenarios,” these are basically eight stories of what, as Apple summarizes, being a woman in the world today means.

The cast includes Nicole Kidman, Issa Rae, Alison Brie, and Betty Gilpin. How the women in these stories “emerge from their respective journeys speaks to the resiliency that exists within themselves, and with all women.”
Debuts April 15 on Apple TV+.

The Kardashians

They’re back. After ending their E! series Keeping up with the Kardashians, America’s first family of reality TV stardom and excess has moved to Hulu for the launch of The Kardashians. You didn’t think the TV camera-looving clan would stay away from the small screen for long, did you? I mean, the combined Kardashian-Jenner family has a social media presence with, in aggregate, more than 1 billion followers.

So, what will be different this time around with the new show? According to Hulu, “this new reality series will provide a more elevated experience, with documentary-style interviews and more cinematic filming.”
Now streaming on Hulu.

First Ladies

For the politics junkies among you, Showtime has a series debuting on Sunday that’s all about First Ladies. In this new show, Viola Davis stars as Michelle Obama, while Michelle Pfeiffer plays Betty Ford and Gillian Anderson turns in a performance as Eleanor Roosevelt. Per Showtime, “this series delves deep into the ladies’ personal and political lives. Exploring everything from their journeys to Washington, family life, and world-changing political contributions.”
Debuts April 17 on Showtime.

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