What to Expect from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Warner Bros. just released six new photos from the upcoming superhero flick and they have us puzzled

Filling out those big ole bat-shoes (especially following as successful a franchise as Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy) is no easy feat, a lesson Ben Affleck has learned the hard way over the last year. Ever since the announcement of his Batman tenure, which will begin with the highly anticipated Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, critics (by which we mainly mean internet trolls) have heaped scorn on the actor. To be fair, the last time Affleck played a super hero it didn’t really work out (2003’s Daredevil is far from a masterpiece, particularly viewed in light of Charlie Cox’s performance as the character in this year’s Marvel Cinematic University / Netflix series), but we’re definitely giving Affleck the benefit of the doubt now that we’ve gotten a sneak peak from behind the scenes.

Yesterday, Warner Bros. (via Entertainment Weekly) released the below photos. Even though there isn’t a whole lot go on yet, the images give a sense of the movie’s aesthetic goals. Probably the most striking figure is Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. His long locks aside (supposedly, they’re coming off), Eisenberg’s actorly neurasthenic modus operandi is an odd choice for the alpha male cueball Luthor.

There’s also something really strange about Batman’s suit. It looks more like armor than your average superhero spandex jumpsuit. If the goal was to make the Dark Knight even more terrifying that has certainly been achieved. Maybe that’s what scared Jennifer Garner off. Too soon?