Well Fed


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel somewhat guilty for spending the night quaffing beverages and tucking into finger foods at an event intended to raise awareness about world hunger. Still, I wasn’t about to turn down the Açaí-infused libations (from Carter and brother Courtney Reum’s VeeV Liqueur) and healthy-yummy appetizers (prepared by Samir Mohajer and Harold Karsenty of Cabbage Patch) at a party last Thursday night at the Reums’ Hollywood Hills bachelor pad to kick off the 30 Project. The event celebrated the latest initiative of the FEED foundation—the two-year-old organization founded by Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson. They’re the pair behind the organic cotton and burlap FEED bags, which they created to help raise money to fight childhood hunger around the world (sales of the totes, which you’ve seen at Whole Foods and Fred Segal, go towards that cause). Turns out the Feed Foundation’s ambitions extend way beyond bags; the 30 Project was born out of the notion that the globalization of the food industry that has taken place over the last 30 years has exacted a toll on us (think: rising obesity, growing hunger rates, environmental collapse caused by industrial agri-business). Over the next few decades, the group wants to be part of the movement to bring about the kind of systemic changes that will reverse these problems. Along with Bush and Gustafson, Ali Larter hosted the party (that’s Bush and Larter with Amy Smart, above).


-Sara Wilson