Welcome to “Terrywood”


Celebrity photographer Terry Richardson opened his first solo exhibition, a collection of images that capture the diverse facets of Hollywood life, in Los Angeles at the OH Wow Gallery late last month. It will be open through March 31.

“Terrywood” highlights the glitzy characteristics of Hollywood pop culture, from stars like Madonna and Angelina Jolie to iconic palm trees reaching up into a multicolored sky, and the non-glamorous minutia of local life, like a can of beer and In-N-Out burgers. Macro sized pouts slathered in cherry red and pink lipstick, neon Hollywood lights, violet colored hair, and the trashy signs posted around the city are among his other subjects. 

A row of pedestals line the center of the gallery, each displaying originally crafted Oscar trophy replicas—minus Oscar. The trophies are miniature versions of Richardson giving a thumbs up, thick-rimmed glasses and all. 

The Hollywood-raised photographer also showcases his scrapbooking skills with a cut-and-pasted collage of over 1,000 headshots of Hollywood legends, including Adam Sandler and Steve Martin, and pays tribute to all entertainers that have stars on the Walk of Fame. Lest the deeper ironies of Richardson’s work be lost, a paparazzi-printed backdrop flashes camera lights when visitors pass by, emphasizing the humor of it all.