We Sent a Writer to Tweet an Opera

The view from the “tweet seats” of LA Opera’s experimental production of “The Magic Flute” looks pretty good.

At no point after the debut of Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute in Vienna on September 30, 1791 did the maestro ever consider his Klout score. But after last night’s “tweet seats” event at LA Opera, @Mozart could have added “social media guru” to his resume.

As part of the attempt to increase audience engagement with the arts, LA Opera invited the over-sharers of the world for a sneak peak of their new production of The Magic Flute. Multimedia production crew 1927 gave the opera a retrofuturistic feel.

There was no set stage; instead, interactive video was projected onto a huge backdrop. Inspired by silent films and the German Expressionists (think Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Nosferatu) the imagery was dark and whimsical. It was surreal to see a 222-year-old story about dragons and magic projected onto a stage that later appeared on the screen of my phone, but I don’t think Mozart would have minded. He might even like it—on Facebook.

☛ The Magic Flute runs Nov. 23 through Dec. 23 at LA Opera.