We Got Your Cell Phone, Liar: Opposing Counsel to Alex Jones

“Do you know what ‘perjury’ is?” an attorney for the Sandy Hook victims asked mass murder denier Alex Jones

The legal team representing the parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims revealed to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones at the damages stage of his defamation trial Wednesday that his own legal team accidentally sent them the contents of his cell phone.

Unfortunately for Jones—who is being sued by the parents of the murdered school children for $150 million for claiming the massacre was a “false flag operation,” or hoax on his conspiracy website, InfoWars—the phone contained text messages about the Sandy Hook shootings—even though Jones had testified that he had searched his device and had no such information to turn over.

“One of the things you were ordered to do in this trial… you were ordered to turn over any text messages about Sandy Hook,” said the plaintiff’s attorney Mark Bankson before bringing Jones’ text messages up on a screen, according to Forbes.

“So you did get my text messages?” asked Jones, who coughed violently throughout the proceedings.

The attorney chuckled. “Yes, Mr. Jones. Indeed. Do you know where I got this? …Mr. Jones, twelve days ago, your attorneys messed up, and sent an entire digital copy of your entire cell phone, with every text message you’ve sent for the past two years, and when informed, did not take any steps to identify it is as privileged, or protected in any way? And as of two days ago, it fell free and clear into my possession? And that is how I know that you lied to me when you said you didn’t have messages about Sandy Hook. Did you know that?”

“I told you the truth,” Jones replied, who was unaware of the breach, adding, “This is your Perry Mason moment.”

Bankston continued, “In discovery, you were asked if you had Sandy Hook text messages on your phone, and you said, ‘No.’ Correct?” Bankston asked. “You said that under oath.”

Jones replied, “If I was mistaken, I was mistaken. You’ve got the text messages right there.”

“You know what perjury is, right? Bankson asked. “I just want to make sure before we go any further… You testified under oath that you personally searched your phone for the phrase ‘Sandy Hook,’ and [said] there were no messages…You lied.”

What didn’t lie: information on the cell phone about InfoWars‘ closely-held financial information. On several days in 2018, InfoWars made over $800,000 a day. This is a discrepancy with what Jones said earlier in the trial, when he said the most his company made was $200,000 a day.

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