Wayne Newton Reveals How HBO Landed Him for ‘Hacks’ Guest Role

The Las Vegas legend also tells LA Mag he wants to appear in future seasons of the HBOMax show.

Wayne Newton, A.K.A. Mr. Las Vegas, will be making a surprise cameo in the sophomore season of HBOMax’s Hacks.

“It was such fun,” Newton told Los Angeles magazine. “Jean Smart is great. She is wonderful. I was a big fan before she did this show, so it was really a wonderful experience to find out that in person, she is everything I’d hope she would be.”

Though it’s a brief cameo, Newton greets Smart’s character, Deborah Vance at a UFC fight in the season premiere. 

“We actually took a day off from our vacation to go in there and film and they found out that I was a fan of the show and I guess they had said some things prior to me being there that they didn’t know how I was going to take it,” Newton said. 

In case you missed it in the series premiere, Newton was the butt of the joke when Deborah Vance told the water department to stop harassing her for wasting water when Wayne Newton has five fountains. 

“I thought it was funny,” Newton reassured, even mentioning he’s game to act in future seasons of the show. “My fountains certainly don’t affect the water levels of Las Vegas.” 

Co-showrunner Lucia Aniello confirmed Netwon’s appearance to LA Mag at Paleyfest in Hollywood last month, and praised his sense of humor and acting skills. 

“We heard that Wayne had seen the show and we thought it was a good representation of Las Vegas and loved it so we said, ‘Okay hunny, you want to be on?’” Aniello said. “Wayne was such a fun sport and it was such a blast to have him on set.” 

“He was totally willing to run with the punches, and we had a really fun time with him,” Aniello added.

Newton made an appearance at the NFL Draft red carpet Thursday, which was held on a floating stage in the middle of the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas, to celebrate the new NFL class.

“I never dreamed that I’d be walking in the water of the Bellagio,” Newton said. “I’m excited for all of them, but most of all, I’m excited for our city.” 

You can catch Hacks season two Thursday, May 12 on HBOMax. 

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